Auditions for the 45th Annual Community Dance Concert were held Sunday September 25th, 2016.


ALL Dancers are REQUIRED to fill out all paper work, pay membership dues, and attend auditions if they plan on performing in the 45th Annual Community Dance Concert. If you cannot attend auditions due to extraordinary circumstances, please contact the Production Team and explain why you cannot be at auditions. 


Any additional performers - musicians, vocalists, guest artists, etc., will also be required to fill out all required paper work, become a Steamboat Dance Theatre member, and pay the proper dues. 


Read more about each piece and how it connect with this years concept of The Human Condition. Download the file by clicking the button below.

SDT 2017 Piece Description
Each piece is listed with a description of how each choreographer connected their idea to The Human Condition. This sheet also provides insight to what the costumes will be, what music the dance is to, and if any additional purchases are necessary, i.e. shoes or tights.
Adobe Acrobat Document 116.5 KB