Choreographers Describe Their Pieces

Please note that this is not the order of the 2017 show!

Gina Toothaker


The lyrics of the song, for the purposes of this piece, represent the connection between all that has come before us and all that comes after us. The dance also represents the impact/difference we make in people’s lives­ we leave traces of ourselves with everyone we encounter. We need to remember these connections at a time when our world is experiencing so much conflict and divisiveness 

Laraine Martin


We often hear about how wonderful it is to fall in love – there are songs that extol new love’s virtue, the riotous and joyful side of it. What we don’t so often hear is the reality that falling in love can be quite difficult. The process of opening up our hearts and minds to new love is more of a stumble and fall, especially in light of the past, and all of the tough experiences and pain we have experienced prior. This piece will explore that pain, the difficulty of allowing ourselves to become vulnerable and allowing our hearts to open fully to trust another human being with its power. The first words of the chorus echo this sentiment – “you’ve got a worried mind, I’ve got a worried heart”. The music brings an underlying jazzy dance beat accompanied by strong rock percussion – the heartbeat of the piece.

Rose Ashes & Sophia Harp


Honor of the inner child­ I hope to bring my dancers and the members of the audience the silly, light feeling of childhood. We all must honor the child within, it’s the reason why I play with toys like these. Developing a safe, open community for people of all ages to get together and play with "toys" is one of my life's missions. I believe that it's not only OK to rekindle your childlike spirit, but essential for your mental health. Otherwise, we'd just bottle it all up while in public and then go dance around like a lunatic in our undies behind locked doors in our bedrooms! Let it go! Be fabulous! <3

Michelle Cole


This piece explores how individuals respond and react to life events differently based on psychosocial development. To our society, some responses are considered more “acceptable” than others. The outliers, then, may be considered weird, crazy, or a heathen. The piece will have lots of hip hop movements, as well as weird movements to emphasize individualism amongst the overall human condition.

Jenn Simbre


The connection of the islands to the mainland and sharing the culture nationwide, which for me is my journey trying to find myself (raised islander) in Colorado and essentially the importance of connection whether family or friends.

Allison Plean


This piece looks at the stages of grief and who we, as humans, bargain with our own emotionality. Especially bouncing back and forth between lost in a desolate bereavement versus moving forward in our life. Some movements will be the same and some will have one group representing the opposite emotion/reaction of the other group.

Collaboration - Mandy Quinones, Amy Curry, Danielle Zimmerer, Kim Chotvacs


Inspired in memory of two dear friends who left us far too early this past year, this piece follows the lyrics of the song with the concept of being in a moment of feeling unsteady. Being on the edge of ok and not ok, of being in the midst of fighting our own battles and needing, wanting, hoping for someone to hold on to us. To give us that support or movement we need in a wavering time to make it, to be steadied. And to remember, to always hold on deeply with love, those we have lost. This piece is hopeful, focusing on supporting and loving one another especially during the times when one could get lost to the struggle.

Hayley Sugarman & Danielle Zimmerer

Nicole Idzahl & Meg Widmer


Sometimes everyone wants to just give it all up and run away to join the circus, right? Oh, so it's just us? Ok. Wellllll maybe we just need to go to the gypsy part of town for a while and live like we've got nothing to lose, take a few shots, play with knives (swords), pick some pockets, fly our freak flags, make our own music (zills), embrace the strange, and find our own tribe of weirdos... This piece is about forgetting how to "fit in" and learning to let it all hang out, imperfections and all. 

Meg Southcott


The version of ourselves we show the world on a daily basis isn’t necessarily the version of ourselves that we live with internally. We as humans are survivalists. We protect ourselves in order to survive. We suppress feelings and fantasize that we are ok. It’s not until we think we are alone, in the darkness, when nobody's watching, that we finally let our guard down and our demands come to light. 

Jamie Boeri


To change perspective when life is raining from crying/running from the rain to singing/dancing in the rain.

Rachel Radetsky


With competition surrounding us in our daily life, from events we see on TV such as the Olympics to basic daily occurrences where you just want to be better than someone, this tap dance will make light of competition. We have all experienced competitiveness but you don’t always have to take things so seriously!