Auditions are SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2018

at Sundance Studio at 8:30 AM 

In order to be able to audition for the Concert you MUST become a SDT member. 




Step 1: Pre-register by clicking the REGISTER HERE button!

In order for your registration to count you must fill out the form AS WELL AS pay online. 

Step 2: Pay your membership dues online.

PRE-REGISTRATION is an unrefundable $40. 

REGISTRATION at AUDITIONS is an unrefundable $45. 

Step 3: Sign the waiver form at auditions. 


If you do not pay online you will not be considered registered and you will have to pay the $45 rate at auditions. 


If you cannot attend auditions due to extraordinary circumstances, please contact the Production Team and explain why you cannot be at auditions.


Any additional performers - musicians, vocalists, guest artists, etc., will also be required to fill out all required paper work, become a Steamboat Dance Theatre member, and pay the proper dues. 

2018/2019 Membership Dues

By becoming a SDT member you will receive a variety of different benefits such as: the opportunity to audition for the Annual Concert, the opportunity to promote your dance events via SDT, discounts to select dance classes and local businesses. 


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7:30 am: Registration (for those who don't pre-register)

8 am:  ALL DANCER CALL (even if you pre-register)

8:30 am: Auditions Begin 


11:30 am: All registration activities end. 

The final schedule of dance piece audition times will be available a week before auditions.