Kailee Davis's Dancer Profile

"I first started dancing at a rather early age of two years old. My mom sent me to class with my pink leo and tutu and bedazzled hair clips. In all honesty, I was horrible. When I say horrible, I don’t mean in the cute, doesn’t­ know ­better, little girl sense. I was truly, awfully, fall­-on-­my-­face, state-­at­the­ceiling horrible. But I loved to dance!


Naturally my parents decided that anything that I loved so much, drained my energy, and kept me busy away from the house was worth it. So my parents kept me enrolled in classes. Another reason why my parents decided to keep me in dance was because it helped me work through my developmental disorders in my motor skills and speech that I had due to my very premature birth. As the years went by, and I got older, I started dropping all of my other sports and activities such as t­ball, swimming, gymnastics and even skiing which is a big deal considering I live in Ski Town USA. However, the one thing I could never stand to let go of was dance.



It wasn’t until the summer before sixth grade when I auditioned for Elevation Dance Studio’s scholarship program. It was the first time I had seen the older girls doing so many amazing things. The first time I had watched So You Think You Can Dance and stared at the television in complete awe. It wasn’t until then that I could say, with complete honesty and without hesitation, that I wanted to be a professional dancer. That first year of scholarship was extremely difficult for me but I still auditioned and made it into the program the year after and the year after that all the way through my freshman year of high school. Along with the scholarship program, I also participated in Elevation Dance Studio’s The Nutcracker. I was in The Nutcracker three years in a row and the third year I got an understudy part. This last summer a fellow dancer and I got full scholarship to take morning classes at Perry Mansfield throughout the summer. I didn’t realize that it was full scholarship until after camp was over. Also, I made it on to all three of Elevation Dance Studio’s competition teams for my age level, made it en pointe at the beginning of this season and made it into the studio’s show this year, The Wiz of Oz, in which I have a main part called Chaos and the understudy for the main role of the Wicked Witch of the West/ Evilene.