marty's dancer profile

    When I was little I knew that I wanted to dance I just couldn’t find the inspiration that I needed to get me going as a dancer. One day my family and I went to strings to watch “Buckets and Tap Shoes”, this was exactly what I needed. I was always interested in tap and after that show I told my mom that I wanted to tap dance. So, I took my first dance lesson at Rocky Mountain Dance directed by Karen Comeau, although my mom tells me I danced right out of her when I was born. At first I thought that the dance classes were too feminine and jazzy so I didn't like dancing as much as I thought I would until Ben Spiegel, the dad of one of the other girls in my class said that he would teach the tap class. Then I really liked tap dancing. With Ben as my mentor I moved so far ahead of the other girls in my class that they made another tap class just for me and I helped choreograph a duet that Ben and I performed at my first recital at 9 years old. Later in the summer that same year I went to Denver for an intensive with other styles of dance and one of the most exciting things for me was that I met another boy dancer. Dance then after that became my life.  I did though take a year off for Winter Sports Club. Then in 6th grade when I was 11 years old I headed to Elevation Dance Studio and with their scholarship program I started to get serious about dance I took other classes like ballet, hip hop, jazz, and most importantly tap.

The scholarship funds that Steamboat Dance Theater has provided, allows me to take more than the one or two classes a week that my parents would be able to afford. My younger brother was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which requires many trips to Denver every year for doctor’s appointments and some overnight stays in the hospital.  Without the help of Steamboat Dance Theatre I would not be able to pursue my passion to the level that is needed to become a professional dancer.

I have several short term goals for dance.  The most pressing goal is to audition for the Joffrey Ballet summer intensive.  This sponsorship from Steamboat Dance Theatre will help me raise the money for the Joffrey Ballet in addition to my regular dance classes and hopefully more intensives to increase my skills as a dancer.  Another goal is to perform well enough at the Jump Dance Convention to receive a scholarship from Jump for next year’s convention.  My first long term goal is to find and be accepted into the university or college for performing arts that best suits me.  My second long term goal would be to be a backup dancer for a musical artist or to perform in a dance movie like any of the “Step Up” movies.

Dance is my life.  I cannot imagine my life without dance.  I see myself achieving better grades and being more organized when I have dancing in my life.  I see myself benefiting from this personal sponsorship in every way that it was intended.  The funds that this provides will help me to achieve both my short term and long term goals of becoming a professional dancer.

It has been very exciting for me to see all of the new boys joining Elevation Dance Studio.  I hope that my influence of being one of the only boy dancers from the start is helping others to make this commitment.  Even though over the years, as other boys in my grade have made fun of me for being a dancer, I am really glad I have stuck with it and hope to help other boys make this same commitment.